Featured Watercolour Paintings By Michael Coulter

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River Scene with Birds

Summer afternoon at St. Mary’s

At the Traffic Lights, Woodbridge

Afternoon Tide, Riverside. Woodbridge

Snacks for Gulls

House Sparrow Requiem

St. Mary’s, Woodbridge

St. John’s in the Background

Tide Mill and Day Moon

The End House

Free Range

Thursday on Market Hill  

The Anchor

Seckford Street


Meeting in Queen’s Head Lane

War Memorial Corner

Hardware Outside



January Quayside

The Boatshed

An April shower on Market Hill

Rain in New Street

Sunday Riverside

Swifts over Church Street

Riverside Turnstones

On the Quay

Sparrows Cyclists and Angel Lane

Woodbridge Early Autumn

Blackbirds and Daffodils

Open Gate and Hens

Wild Garden

From the top of Drybridge Hill